Dental Hygiene

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Our hygiene treatment is a thorough clean of your teeth, which may also involve physically scraping away any hard deposits of plaque. A polish will also help to restore the whiteness of your teeth. We also offer a treatment to remove stains by propelling air, water and carbonate particles at high pressure onto the tooth surface. This procedure is primarily used to remove staining to teeth built up over time, however, patients have commented on how much cleaner and whiter their teeth appear.

Suffer from bad breath?

If your dentist recommends an appointment with the hygienist it is because signs of gum problems have been diagnosed and you will benefit from their care in both active treatment and preventive advice.

Do you get food trapped in between your teeth?

The dental hygienist may also decide to floss your teeth. The use of dental floss is an important element of oral hygiene since it removes plaque and decaying food remaining stuck between the teeth..

Food decay and plaque can cause irritation to the gums, allowing the underlying gum tissue to bleed easily. Acidic foods left on the teeth can also demineralise teeth, eventually causing cavities to the tooth.

Direct Access

You can now see the hygienist for a professional cleaning without seeing a dentist first. The hygienist will assess, give oral hygiene, diet advice and carry out treatment as necessary. However, if they feel that there is a diagnosis or treatment that is outside their scope of practice they will refer (with your consent) to one of our dentists.​

Our team of hygienists are happy to take referrals from general dental practitioners and/or can accept self-referrals from patients directly.

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