Invisalign Braces System

Invisalign is an invisible braces system rather than using unsightly wires and is suitable for all ages. Invisalign can cure most cases within 12 months leaving you with a straighter smile which can give you much more confidence. The invisible aligners can be removed easily to aid with cleaning and eating which reduces the chance of decay. The treatment rarely involves extractions leading to a pain-free, minimally invasive option for straightening teeth.


  • Impressions are taken and shipped to the Invisalign laboratories in America.
  • Approximately 2weeks later the Clin-Check, which is a patient-specific computer-generated video of how the teeth should appear at the end of treatment, can be viewed at the practice, and the results discussed.
  • The aligners are then fitted, and reviewed, appointments and routinely 8 – 10 weeks apart.
  • Once the treatment is completed, the patient is issued with a set of retainers


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